Monday 27 November 2023

Navy Blue Harmony Concert


I wouldn't normally see this type of show.  I saw it listed on the website several weeks ago and it didn't peak my interest so l wasn't planning on seeing it. But, l was kindly gifted the tickets so l thought why not.

The concert was in aide of The Blue Ribbon Foundation. This is an Australian Foundation that is dedicated to police members who have died in the line of duty. 175 members have died with 30 being murdered. 

Now l knew none of this before the show started. I was told it would be The Australian Navy Band playing. Imagine my delight when 6 pipers walked on stage. I love bagpipes and it was The Victorian Police Pipe Band which began the proceedings. It wasn't the full pipe band but l do love bagpipes. There is something special about seeing a full pipe band marching in their regalia. Kilts, boots, bagpipes and drums . What a sight. Did l tell you l loved bagpipes, or maybe it's my Scottish blood showing.

The Pipe Band was followed by The Australian Navy Band. It is a little unusual to see police in uniform and kilts and Navy personnel in uniform playing music. This was the Melbourne Navy Band. They were good, played different songs and had 2 singers. I noticed the Navy Band played more marches. No violins but most other orchestra instruments.

One thing l did notice was that all the performers marched in unison on and off the stage. I suppose Police and Navy personnel know how to match.

It was an older crowd and they enjoyed the performance. Would l go again, probably not. But, there's nothing wrong with stepping outside the box and seeing shows that l normally wouldn't see.

Thanks again to my friend who gifted the tickets.

Monday 20 November 2023

Pot-Purri :From Figaro to Phantom

Two Sopranos, one Tenor, a Baritone and guest pianist. 


The show was titled From Figaro to Phantom and that is what they sang. Four soaring voices, pitch perfect and every note hit. When l hear someone sing well l don't concentrate on the style, l marvel at the beauty of that voice. 

Tania de Jong, Rebecca Bode, Jonathan Morton and Jon Bode. There was a fill in pianist the day l saw this and l apologise for not knowing her name. It was her good playing that allowed the voices to soar.

Tania de Jong and Rebecca Bode sang this beautiful aria and l can't help thinking what a shame it is that this is in an airline commercial. Take a listen to Delibes Lakme - Duo des Fluers and hear the beauty of those voices.

This performance was a feature of The Morning Melodies. Every suburban Arts Centre stages these during the year, even The Arts Centre in the CBD. There are two performances. One at 10.30 and one at 1.30. I go to the 1.30 performances. I saw this one at Frankston Arts Centre.

It was a show that had a bit of everything, even some humour. I had been told that the 10.30 show was wonderful and so was this one. The near capacity crowd gave them a standing ovation. What's not to love; wonderful singing including songs from musical theatre which is my all time love.

Some feel that daytime performances are something less, that great theatre only happens at night. I disagree with this thought. I have seen so many great matinee performances over the years and will continue to do so.

If there are any in your local arts centres can l suggest that you go and listen to some acts.

Friday 17 November 2023

What's On week starting 17/11/23

  Arts Centres

Arts Centre Melbourne

 MSO Mornings: Brunch and Dvorak 11am 17/11

Lady Day at Emerson's Bar & Grill 7.30pm 17/11-23/11

La Cage aux Follies 7.30pm 17/11-19/11

The Boite at The Channel 2pm 18/11

My therapist ghosted me - live 8.45pm

Chopin and the Mendelssohns 2.30pm 19/11-20/11

It Might As Well Be Spring 6.30pm 20/11

Mahler 9 7.30pm 22/11

Mozart's Final Symphonies 7.30pm 23/11

Frankston Arts Centre

Lachie Gill : Write it out Tour 8pm 18/11

Frankston Arts Centre Season 2024 Launch 6.30pm 21/11

Rebecca Abbey Exhibition Opening Event 6pm 23/11

Kingston Arts Centre

This Artful Life 6pm 1/11-2/12

The Round

Zoy Frangos - Variations 11am 22/11

Blues Clubs

Bird's Basement

Ella Hooper 6pm 17/11

The Harmonix Experience 7.30pm 22/11

Jack Jones 6pm 23/11

Hume Blues Club - Thornbury

Blues Gig Guide every Thursday night.

 Music Clubs

Prince Bandroom - St Kilda

Northcote Social Club

Pascoe Vale RSL

The Drunken Poet - West Melbourne

Traditional Irish Music every Friday night

Nathan Beretta Band 8.30pm 17/11

MacCrimmin 3pm 18/11

Phil Coyne and the Wayward Aces 9pm 18/11

Steamboat Whistlers 4pm 19/11

Homesick Rays British 60s Blues Revue 8pm 21/11

Rubita 8pm 22/11

Folk  Clubs

Badfolk - Berwick

Peninsula Folk Club - 1st Sunday of the month

Mission to Seafarers - Docklands

Jazz Clubs

Paris Cat

The Eva Cassidy Experience 6pm17/11

Stevie Wonderful 6.30pm 17/11

HRP Play the Finn Brithers Songbook 9pm 17/11

A Celebration of BB King & Etta James Ft Nardie & Tommy Rando 9.30pm 17/11

Love Deluxe Sade Tribute 6pm 18/11

Spring Fling with Nadria and Friends 6.30pm 18/11

The Aretha Franklin Project Ft Joys Njambi 9pm 18/11

Georgia Brooks Swinglet 9.30pm 18/11

Kerry Maher - Goddess Album 6.30pm 19/11

Angela Librandis - Emerging Artists 7pm 19/11

Llewellyn Osbourne/Chris Johnstone Seplet: The Music of Miles Davis 7.30pm 23/11

Uptown Jazz - Fitzroy

Hugh Stuckey Trio 8pm 17/11

Julien Wilson's "One Flight Up"Quartet 8pm 18/11

BeBop Wednesdays w/ The Mark Fitzgibbon Trio 8pm 22/11

Abby Constable Quartet 8pm 23/11


Fortyfive downstairs

The House That Jack Built 17/11-9/12

Vampire Lesbians of Sodom 21/11-3/12

The Butterfly Club

The Big HOO-HAA 8.30pm 17/11

Laugh Later 10pm 18/11

Regent Theatre

Moulin Rouge 20/08-04/02/24

Southbank Theatre

A Very Jewish Christmas Carol 14/11-16/12

Athenaeum Theatre

A Musical Revolution - Elvis 29/19-31/12


Ziggy Alberts 7.30pm 18/11

Eden Icymi Tour 7pm 22/11

Tkay Maidza 8pm 23/11

Red Stich Theatre - St Kilda East

"Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" 15/11-17/12

The Princess Theatre

Mamma Mia 04/10-10/12

The Drum Theatre - Dandenong

Echoes of Pink Floyd 8pm 17/11

Bunjil Place - Narre Warren

Multicultural Film Festival 6.30pm 18/11

Urzila Carlson Just No! 23/11-24/11

Malvern Theatre

Ages Ago 23/11-26/11

Theatre Companies

Theatre Works - St Kilda

Heidelberg Theatre Company - Rosanna

Ladies in Black 17/11-02/12

Altona City Theatre

Beaumaris Theatre Comapny

The 70th Anniversary Christmas Panto Revue 10/11-25/11


The Johnston Collection - East Melbourne

Heide Museum of Modern Art

The Dax Centre - Parkville

Hellenic Museum - CBD

GallerySmith - North Melbourne

Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery


Monday 13 November 2023

The Kingston Arts Centre and a female bullfighter

So this wasn't what l was expecting.

I don't think l read the blurb properly. I was expecting a play about the life of the first female bullfighter. Now, being a vegetarian l don't like bullfighting but thought that seeing the life of a female fighter in such a male dominated field would be interesting.

Instead l saw everything flamenco.

Flamenco dancing, flamenco guitars and flamenco singing. In fact the performance was in Spanish. The costumes were beautiful as were the combs wore in their hair. Long ruffled trains and shawls. It's interesting dancing and the canastas were flying. The three guitarists performed well as did the singer.

This performance was by a Flamenco school. I got talking to the people around me, as l always do, and met friends of the performers who told me of the school. So not what l was expecting but an interesting afternoon all the same.

Wednesday 8 November 2023

Kindle and travelling


I know not everyone likes reading on a Kindle but, if you are like me and don't drive, they are much better to use than this when travelling.

On Saturday l travelled into the Regent Theatre to see Moulin Rouge. I went in by train, and I took my Kindle as it is much lighter to carry. 

The book l am reading is Tilt by Chris Hammer. I went to a talk he gave a few weeks ago( read my post if you're interested). Now, l will tell you something else about me; l use hearing aides. My hearing is bad and l've been using hearing aides for a long time. The first time l wore them l could hear what people were saying behind me. I don't want to hear other conversations so don't wear them on public transport.

So picture it on Saturday. I'm on the train. People are all around me. There's a horse race on and people are pouring onto the train. I take out my Kindle and begin to read. Tilt is a mystery set in country NSW. I grew up in country Victoria and know the setting, atmosphere, countryside. There is a murmur around me and l am cocooned in this story. Before l know it l'm at Flinders Street Station.

I'm going to be doing a review on this book. It's good.

Now when l am at home sitting in my chair, gin & tonic beside me, l read books. I love the feel of a book in my hands, the smell of the paper, looking at the photos. You may have heard the podcast about this very famous case here in Australia. Lyn Dawson, or as her family now asks her to be called, Lyn Simms went missing in 1982. It was only this year that her husband was convicted of her murder. As the blurb on the cover says it had everything and, l think, it was obvious that the husband had killed her. He was a teacher and the pet is his student who he moved into his house(and bed) 2 days after Lyn disappeared. I can read more than one book at a time and this is a good read too.

If you're interested in this case The Teacher's Pet podcast can be found on Spodify. This was a big, big case in Australia.

So which do you prefer, a Kindle or an actual book that you can hold in your hands.

Monday 6 November 2023

Moulin Rouge


On Saturday my friend and l went to see Moulin Rouge in the iconic Regent Theatre.

This beautiful old theatre is owned by the Marriner Group which owns several other CBD Theates.

The Theatre is also home to The Australian Ballet and Opera Australia for the next 3 years come April 2024. I hope some of you can see a show here; it's a gorgeous theatre.

This was my first time seeing this show and l haven't seen the film either. 

What can l say. It was loud, colourful and full of energy. The stand out performers were James Bryers as the Duke and Bert Labonte as Toulouse-Lautrec. Simon Burke gave a good performance as Harold Zidler and Des Flanagan was good as Christian. Alinta Chidzey as Satine has a good voice, but, l hate to say it, l think she may have had an off day. There are so many other songs in this production and l don't think many of them suited her voice. She is a good singer but l wasn't keen on  her performance. I would definitely see her in other productions but not in this one again. 

The large crowd loved it and l would give it a good 8.5 out of 10.

Moulin Rouge is playing until November 12.

moulinrougemusical. com

Friday 3 November 2023

At The Fishhouses - Elizabeth Bishop

Poetry on Wednesday