Monday 27 November 2023

Navy Blue Harmony Concert


I wouldn't normally see this type of show.  I saw it listed on the website several weeks ago and it didn't peak my interest so l wasn't planning on seeing it. But, l was kindly gifted the tickets so l thought why not.

The concert was in aide of The Blue Ribbon Foundation. This is an Australian Foundation that is dedicated to police members who have died in the line of duty. 175 members have died with 30 being murdered. 

Now l knew none of this before the show started. I was told it would be The Australian Navy Band playing. Imagine my delight when 6 pipers walked on stage. I love bagpipes and it was The Victorian Police Pipe Band which began the proceedings. It wasn't the full pipe band but l do love bagpipes. There is something special about seeing a full pipe band marching in their regalia. Kilts, boots, bagpipes and drums . What a sight. Did l tell you l loved bagpipes, or maybe it's my Scottish blood showing.

The Pipe Band was followed by The Australian Navy Band. It is a little unusual to see police in uniform and kilts and Navy personnel in uniform playing music. This was the Melbourne Navy Band. They were good, played different songs and had 2 singers. I noticed the Navy Band played more marches. No violins but most other orchestra instruments.

One thing l did notice was that all the performers marched in unison on and off the stage. I suppose Police and Navy personnel know how to match.

It was an older crowd and they enjoyed the performance. Would l go again, probably not. But, there's nothing wrong with stepping outside the box and seeing shows that l normally wouldn't see.

Thanks again to my friend who gifted the tickets.

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