Wednesday 8 November 2023

Kindle and travelling


I know not everyone likes reading on a Kindle but, if you are like me and don't drive, they are much better to use than this when travelling.

On Saturday l travelled into the Regent Theatre to see Moulin Rouge. I went in by train, and I took my Kindle as it is much lighter to carry. 

The book l am reading is Tilt by Chris Hammer. I went to a talk he gave a few weeks ago( read my post if you're interested). Now, l will tell you something else about me; l use hearing aides. My hearing is bad and l've been using hearing aides for a long time. The first time l wore them l could hear what people were saying behind me. I don't want to hear other conversations so don't wear them on public transport.

So picture it on Saturday. I'm on the train. People are all around me. There's a horse race on and people are pouring onto the train. I take out my Kindle and begin to read. Tilt is a mystery set in country NSW. I grew up in country Victoria and know the setting, atmosphere, countryside. There is a murmur around me and l am cocooned in this story. Before l know it l'm at Flinders Street Station.

I'm going to be doing a review on this book. It's good.

Now when l am at home sitting in my chair, gin & tonic beside me, l read books. I love the feel of a book in my hands, the smell of the paper, looking at the photos. You may have heard the podcast about this very famous case here in Australia. Lyn Dawson, or as her family now asks her to be called, Lyn Simms went missing in 1982. It was only this year that her husband was convicted of her murder. As the blurb on the cover says it had everything and, l think, it was obvious that the husband had killed her. He was a teacher and the pet is his student who he moved into his house(and bed) 2 days after Lyn disappeared. I can read more than one book at a time and this is a good read too.

If you're interested in this case The Teacher's Pet podcast can be found on Spodify. This was a big, big case in Australia.

So which do you prefer, a Kindle or an actual book that you can hold in your hands.

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