Saturday 20 March 2021



For someone who doesn't like owning books l sure do have a BIG pile to read and pass on to others:)

Monday 15 March 2021

It's starting


I am feeling very blessed. 

Here in Melbourne, Australia life has moved forward with Covid19 protocols. That means that things are opening up safely. I have bought 6 tickets for upcoming shows this year. There are at least 2 more that l know of and all this is before l have received brochures from the various Arts Centres.

I am expecting to have my temperature taken and will have to wear a mask. Not being a driver l wear a mask on public transport and also all day in my volunteer jobs.

I know that l am very lucky to be going to see shows again. So many countries are still struggling with Covid, and so much has been lost to the disease. I also feel for all the performers around the world who were suddenly without work and income.

I am going to see these shows with gratitude and the knowledge that l am helping the arts in Australia get back on track.

Who wrote the book?