Monday 20 November 2023

Pot-Purri :From Figaro to Phantom

Two Sopranos, one Tenor, a Baritone and guest pianist. 


The show was titled From Figaro to Phantom and that is what they sang. Four soaring voices, pitch perfect and every note hit. When l hear someone sing well l don't concentrate on the style, l marvel at the beauty of that voice. 

Tania de Jong, Rebecca Bode, Jonathan Morton and Jon Bode. There was a fill in pianist the day l saw this and l apologise for not knowing her name. It was her good playing that allowed the voices to soar.

Tania de Jong and Rebecca Bode sang this beautiful aria and l can't help thinking what a shame it is that this is in an airline commercial. Take a listen to Delibes Lakme - Duo des Fluers and hear the beauty of those voices.

This performance was a feature of The Morning Melodies. Every suburban Arts Centre stages these during the year, even The Arts Centre in the CBD. There are two performances. One at 10.30 and one at 1.30. I go to the 1.30 performances. I saw this one at Frankston Arts Centre.

It was a show that had a bit of everything, even some humour. I had been told that the 10.30 show was wonderful and so was this one. The near capacity crowd gave them a standing ovation. What's not to love; wonderful singing including songs from musical theatre which is my all time love.

Some feel that daytime performances are something less, that great theatre only happens at night. I disagree with this thought. I have seen so many great matinee performances over the years and will continue to do so.

If there are any in your local arts centres can l suggest that you go and listen to some acts.

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