Monday 13 November 2023

The Kingston Arts Centre and a female bullfighter

So this wasn't what l was expecting.

I don't think l read the blurb properly. I was expecting a play about the life of the first female bullfighter. Now, being a vegetarian l don't like bullfighting but thought that seeing the life of a female fighter in such a male dominated field would be interesting.

Instead l saw everything flamenco.

Flamenco dancing, flamenco guitars and flamenco singing. In fact the performance was in Spanish. The costumes were beautiful as were the combs wore in their hair. Long ruffled trains and shawls. It's interesting dancing and the canastas were flying. The three guitarists performed well as did the singer.

This performance was by a Flamenco school. I got talking to the people around me, as l always do, and met friends of the performers who told me of the school. So not what l was expecting but an interesting afternoon all the same.

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