Wednesday 1 May 2024

The Arts in Three Melbourne Libraries


This post all came about because someone said to me that they didn't know what happened these days in libraries.

Hobson Bay Library - Altona

Digital drawing glorious galaxies 02/05

Box Hill Library

Optical illusions: Thaumatropes and Zoetropes 28/05 4.15pm

Upcycled puppets 17/05 4.15pm

Book group - Blackburn 01/05 1.30pm

Evening Book chat : Zoom Doncaster 01/05 6.30pm

Book chat - the Pines 03/05 10.15am

Our Library - Mornington

Author talk with Lisa Medved 03/05 11am

Intergenerational Art Program 04/05 10.30am

Crafting captivating characters with Lee Kofman - Rosebud Library


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