Friday 3 May 2024

Ann Cleeves

I have said, more than once that l don't like owning books. 

They multiply and soon you find there are so many that you need boxes to move them. I also like thinking about a book that has been passed on to someone else and someone else again.

So how did l manage to find myself with 3 Ann Cleeves books?? The Raging Storm is a current one, but the other 2 are earlier books that have been re-released. The latest one l bought, A Lesson in Dying, was one l forgot l'd ordered. When l picked it up l had about half an hour to wait for the bus so l started reading it. 

Do you remember a few videos ago l was saying that l downloaded an audio book from the library but then returned it because l didn't like the book or the narrators voice. It was set in a school with ex school teachers; well, this book is also set in a school and l liked it.  I read the first chapter and this book is very different to the audio book. Much more in the style l like.

So l will get around to reading all 3. I'm currently reading a book that l will be talking about in a few weeks.

Who else out there likes the author Ann Cleeves?

Leave me a comment and, as l am now getting so many new views, please let me know which city you're reading these posts.

Thanks to all of you.


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