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 Arts Centre

Frankston Arts Centre

The Umbilical Brothers: The Distraction 06/04 8pm

Polite Mammals 07/04  11am & 3pm

The Michael Jackson HIStory Show 07/04 7pm

Kingston Arts Centre

Mordialloc Jazz Orchestra Multiple Dates. Check the website

Temporal Perspective: Pilar De La Torre 20/03-20/04

Blues Clubs

Hume Blues Club

Thursday nights at the Thornbury Bowls Club, free entry

Birds Basement

Brett Williams & The Harmonix Experience 10/04 7.30pm

Tokyo Groove Jyoshi 11/04-12/04 7.30pm

Way Out West Music Club

Meat Market

Jazz Clubs

Paris Cat

** Multiple Acts with tickets selling fast. Please look at the website.

Uptown Jazz

Ben Vanderwal Quintet-Guitar-mageddon 06/04 8pm

The Drunken Poet

Closed for Easter until 12/04/24

Brunswick Ballroom

Brunswick Big Band 06/04 2pm

Zoe Fox and the Rocket Clocks W Druid Fluids ADL and Heavy Amber 06/04 8pm

The Stetson Family The Stars, If You Look Closely Album Launch 07/04 2pm

Tarab Emsemble 10/04 7.30pm

Songs From Smyrne 11/04 7.30pm

Folk Clubs

Newport Fiddle & Folk Club 

Newport Bush Orchestra 2nd & 4th Monday 7.30pm

Victorian Folk Music Club Inc

New Melbourne Folk Club


Peninsula Folk Club

1st Sunday of the month at Frankston Bowls Club 5.30pm


Drum Theatre

Sibil 2024 Australian Tour 07/04 7pm

Bunjil Place

the 70s80s90s show 06/04 7.30pm

Wendy Matthews & Grace Knight - We're Goings to Graceland 12/047.30pm

Regent Theatre

Wicked 02/03 - 02/06


Forty Five Downstairs

Secret Place Louise Tyler 26/03-06/04

Sad Stories in Paint Jane Sinclair 26/03-06/04

All Roads Lead to Rome 05/04 7.30pm

Finding Solace in Remote Sands 09/04-20/04

Seeing Light Geoffrey Falk, Andrew Scollo & Sally Vivian 09/04-20/04

Literary Death Match Melbourne 09/047pm

The Butterfly Club

Suckers 08/04 5.30pm

Motion Sickness 08/04 5.30pm

Digital Footprint 08/04 8.30pm

Neptune Henriksen - Being a Woman F.... 08/04 10pm

Her Majesty's Theatre

Chicago 26/03-26/05


Athenaeum Theatre

Akmal Red Flags 27/03-21/04

Laurence Mooney 27/03-21/04

Sh!tFaced Shakespeare Macbeth 27/03-21/04

Arj Barker 28/03-21/04

Best of the Edinburgh Fest 28/03-21/04

Murray SawChuck 02/04-07/04

Princess Theatre

Wicked 02/03-30/06

The Round

Eastern Starz Solo Competition 06/04-07/04

2024 Regent Solos Concert 10/04 3pm

Theatre Companies

Beaumaris Theatre Company

Phoenix Theatre Company

Mordialloc Theatre Company

Heidelberg Theatre Company

Malvern Theatre Company

Essendon Theatre Company

Williamstown Musical Theatre Company

Altona City Theatre


The Johnston Collection

Fit For A King: Vincent Jenden Reimagines The Johnston Collection 28/02-05/08/24

Heide Gallery

Surrealist Lee Miller 04/11-14/04

The Dax Centre

Hellenic Museum

Visitor Voices: Open Symposium Series 3rd Saturday monthly

Gallery Smith

Valerie Sparks Sanctuary 07/03-13/04

Water Sky: Intimate And Distant Landscapes, Sue Lovegrove 07/03-13/04

Mornington Peninsula Gallery

New Exuberance 02/03-12/05

Sundance Studio: Taking a thread for a walk 02/03-12/05

New Wave 02/03-12/05

McCelland Gallery

Music at McClelland 3rd Sunday of the month

The Lume

Leonardo da Vinci - 500 Years a Genius 16/03-16/06


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It started with a happy bus driver....

  It started with a happy bus driver singing along to the radio. Then followed a fruitless search to find a theatre. Just between you and me l am useless at reading maps and have a lousy sense of direction. So then l gave up and walked towards the library to see the 2 authors in conversation. Phillipa Kaye and Jodi Gibson are in the photo below.  What an interesting talk. Both authors have books out currently. Phillipa Kaye's book is Girl Detectives Just Wanna Have Fun: A Birdie Mealing Mystery. Phillipa is standing on the left. Jodi Gibson's book is called Reinventing Emily Brown. Jodi is standing on the right. They asked each other questions about their books and took questions from the audience. They went through the process of writing, editing and publishing. I think it's always interesting to hear the creative process that goes into writing a book. I haven't read either book but l am tempted by the mystery book. Jodi Gibson, in her own words, writes female feel goo

Catch me if you can

The doors opened and in they came, and kept on coming.  A full house, happy and cheerful crowd. Welcome to a PLOS show. This musical, l am told, is based on a film which was based on a book. I had not read the book or seen the film so it was all new to me. The story is based in the 1960's and l think the set was designed to look like a 60's variety show. The orchestra was on 2 levels and it's a real treat to have a live orchestra playing. What a triumph for PLOS. The constant high standard of their shows means l will see everything they stage. A real stand out is the singing.  Everyone sang so well and this happens with every show. There was a lot of dancing and costume changes. Everyone played their part well with all of them having American accents. The best performance was by Aidan Niarros as Carl Hanratty. He is a Primary School Teacher by day, but what a performance. Jordan Poyser as Frank Abagnale Jr was very good too as was Peter Noble Frank Snr. Emillie Toby as Bren

Robert Galbraith

  I don't think that l'm letting a secret out when l tell you that Robert Galbraith is the pseudonym for J.k Rowling. These are crime novels, very good crime novels.  Having never read the Harry Potter novels l had no idea what her writing style would be like. She's a very good writer. The crimes themselves are well thought out. The structure of each novel flows and the use of language is another stand out. The characters are believable and this is another bonus as we. the readers, are shown their development as the books progress. I have read all five and will definitely be reading number 6. Robert Galbraith 5 out of 5.