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Debussy plays Debussy | Clair de Lune (1913)

As some of you may know l am learning the piano. The student who's lesson is before mine is 10 years old, and, l was told this week that this sweet little girl started piano lessons at age 4. I'm quite a bit older than that. I wish l had started earlier but it's never too late and l love my lessons. This is the piece l want to be able to play. Debussy was a wonderful composer and Clair de Lune is such  beautiful, almost ethereal music. This rendition is by Debussy himself. What a treat.

Caro Emerald - Paris (Acoustic)

It's been a crazy busy week already and l have had no time to compile Melbourne Arts. So, l am sharing a great song by Caro Emerald instead.

This song is used by a lot of line dancing groups and l have introduced a local ukulele group to the song as well.


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