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Debussy plays Debussy | Clair de Lune (1913)

As some of you may know l am learning the piano. The student who's lesson is before mine is 10 years old, and, l was told this week that this sweet little girl started piano lessons at age 4. I'm quite a bit older than that. I wish l had started earlier but it's never too late and l love my lessons. This is the piece l want to be able to play. Debussy was a wonderful composer and Clair de Lune is such  beautiful, almost ethereal music. This rendition is by Debussy himself. What a treat.

Films - Force of Nature

I saw another film last week. That makes 2 in the space of a month or 6 weeks. This is very unusual for me as l normally go for months without seeing anything. Franchise films don't really appeal to me. I know a lot of people love them, maybe you as well. I'm not knocking these films just saying that l don't really like them.

Force of Nature is based on the Jane Harper book of the same name. This was the second book in the series and it wasn't my favourite. The Dry is set in the country in the middle of a crippling drought. This story is set in the bush. Eric Bana returns as Aaron Falk with Jacqueline McKenzie as his offsider. Both of the Australian Federal Police Officers are investigating a company who take a group of employees off for a team building exercise in the Australian bush. Their contact at the company goes missing after placing a call to Falk and this is how the film starts.

The performances are good and it's so good to see Deborra- Lee Furness back on the big screen. Richard Roxburgh, who plays her husband, is always in everything he does. I really like him as an actor. Another real star of the film is the scenery. The film was shot in the Yarra Valley and the Otways. Dense bush land that is very easy to get lost in. It's beautiful country but can be deadly.

The film is good, perhaps not quite as good as The Dry, but it is a different film to it as well. There is one more Falk novel and l don't know if that will be filmed. I actually preferred that book to Force of Nature. Exiles is the last Falk novel as l don't think Jane Harper is writing them anymore. If it is filmed l will go and see it. 

This film is good without being great. 3.5 of 5 stars.



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