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Elizabeth George.

Have you ever read books by an author and loved them so much that you read every single one? 

When l first discovered Elizabeth George l did read all her early books. Here was an American writing about crimes in England with English characters. Can l just say now how much l enjoyed her writing and didn't guess at first that she was American.

Then l stopped reading her books. I don't really know what happened. Other authors came along and l got interested in other books. Now this book is number 21, l think, and l stopped reading the series at about book 5/6. I think l may have dipped into some others but can't be sure. So that's quite a few books in between. Like all crime series the actual crimes change but there is also a continuing story regarding the characters. 

I don't know if l will be able to pick up that story, but, l saw this book and thought it worth a read. I actually went crazy on Sunday and bought 3 books. Not bad for someone who doesn't like owning books. At least l won't have to buy any more any time soon.

This book is a Lynley novel. Acting Chief Superintendent Lynley and Detective Sergeant Barbara Havers. These characters have been in the books from the beginning and it will be like meeting old friends again. Some of the earlier books were so good and l would suggest, if you are interested, going back and starting at the first book. Deception on his mind was especially good. I remember it involved a local Asian family and a terrible crime that ripples through a small beach community. I think that might have been book no.9.

Will l like this book?  Maybe, maybe not. I will let you all know next week.

Happy reading.



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