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Arts of Friday 16/02/24

 Arts Centre

Frankston Arts Centre

Damian Mullin - Elvis Forever 16/02 6.30pm

The Beach Boys Experience 16/02 7.30pm

The Piano Men: The Songs of Elton John & Billy Joel & Invictus Quartet 7.30pm

The Black Sorrows in Concert 18/02 4pm

Kingston Arts Centre

Morning Melodies 20/02 10.30am

Blues Clubs

Hume Blues Club

Thursday nights at the Thornbury Bowls Club, free entry

Birds Basement

Australian Foreigner Show the "Cold as Ice"Tour 16/02 7.30pm

Paco Lara Flamenco Quartet 17/02 7.30pm

The Harmonix Experience 21/02 7.30pm

Taylor Henderson 22/02 6pm

Way Out West Music Club

Bondi Cigars with Support Miss Lou's Blues 18/02 2pm

Meat Market

Guiding Wyrm Core Signals 18/02 10pm

Jazz Clubs

Paris Cat

Peter Gaudion's Blues Express 16/02 6.30pm

All l ask: Elly Poletti sings Adele 16/02 /17/02 9pm & 6pm

Soul Chic presents The Eva Cassidy Experience 16/02 9.30pm

Tamara Kuldin's Gents of Jazz 17/02 9.30pm

Joyful Summer Jazz with ade ishs & eMotion Band 18/02 6pm

Vanessa Lezama presents "Latin Fusion" 18/02 6.30pm

Chris Johnstone Septet presents the music of Miles Davis 22/02 7.30pm

Emerson presents Soul and RnB Classics Remixed IV 22/02 8pm

Uptown Jazz

The James Sherlock Trio 17/02 8pm

The Drunken Poet

The Backyard Banjo Club 16/02 8.30pm

The Galway Rovers 17/02 3pm

Boogie Brothers 17/02 9pm

Yolanda Ingley II 18/02 4pm

Paddy Murphy 18/02 6.30pm

Bob Hutchinson plays the songs of Damien Rice 20/02 8pm

Brittle Sun 21/02 8pm


Drum Theatre

Bunjil Place

Comedy Bites: Summer Stage Edition 16/02 6.30pm

Guuranda Jacob Boeme ( Rehearsal ) 22/02 11am

Littlefoot & Company's Spoken Word Night 22/02-12/12

Regent Theatre


The Butterfly Effect 17/02-18/02

Forty Five Downstairs

The Whisper by Brodie Murray 15-25/02

Joe Whyte In Waking Hours 12/02-09/03

The Butterfly Club

The Big HOO-HAA 16/02 8.30pm

Caberet Unscripted 16/02 5.30pm

Drawing Straws 20/02  7.30pm

Glee Club 22/02 5.30pm

Her Majesty's Theatre

Grease The Musical 25/01/16/03

Athenaeum Theatre

The Rocky Horror Show 09/02-23/03

Princess Theatre

Groundhog Day the Musical 24/01-07/04

The Round

Michael Cormick Sings Bacharach 21/02 11am

Theatre Companies

Beaumaris Theatre Company

Phoenix Theatre Company

Mordialloc Theatre Company

Heidelberg Theatre Company

Rumors A Farce 16/02-02/03

Malvern Theatre Company

The Lifespan of a Fact 16/02-02/03

Essendon Theatre Company

Williamstown Musical Theatre Company

Altona City Theatre


The Johnston Collection

Heide Gallery

Surrealist Lee Miller 04/11-14/04

The Dax Centre

Hellenic Museum

Viewfinder until 24/03

Gallery Smith

Mornington Peninsula Gallery

Know my Name : Australian Women Artists 25/11/23-18/02/24


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  It started with a happy bus driver singing along to the radio. Then followed a fruitless search to find a theatre. Just between you and me l am useless at reading maps and have a lousy sense of direction. So then l gave up and walked towards the library to see the 2 authors in conversation. Phillipa Kaye and Jodi Gibson are in the photo below.  What an interesting talk. Both authors have books out currently. Phillipa Kaye's book is Girl Detectives Just Wanna Have Fun: A Birdie Mealing Mystery. Phillipa is standing on the left. Jodi Gibson's book is called Reinventing Emily Brown. Jodi is standing on the right. They asked each other questions about their books and took questions from the audience. They went through the process of writing, editing and publishing. I think it's always interesting to hear the creative process that goes into writing a book. I haven't read either book but l am tempted by the mystery book. Jodi Gibson, in her own words, writes female feel goo

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