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Debussy plays Debussy | Clair de Lune (1913)

As some of you may know l am learning the piano. The student who's lesson is before mine is 10 years old, and, l was told this week that this sweet little girl started piano lessons at age 4. I'm quite a bit older than that. I wish l had started earlier but it's never too late and l love my lessons. This is the piece l want to be able to play. Debussy was a wonderful composer and Clair de Lune is such  beautiful, almost ethereal music. This rendition is by Debussy himself. What a treat.

Arts of Friday 16/02/24

 Arts Centre

Frankston Arts Centre

Damian Mullin - Elvis Forever 16/02 6.30pm

The Beach Boys Experience 16/02 7.30pm

The Piano Men: The Songs of Elton John & Billy Joel & Invictus Quartet 7.30pm

The Black Sorrows in Concert 18/02 4pm

Kingston Arts Centre

Morning Melodies 20/02 10.30am

Blues Clubs

Hume Blues Club

Thursday nights at the Thornbury Bowls Club, free entry

Birds Basement

Australian Foreigner Show the "Cold as Ice"Tour 16/02 7.30pm

Paco Lara Flamenco Quartet 17/02 7.30pm

The Harmonix Experience 21/02 7.30pm

Taylor Henderson 22/02 6pm

Way Out West Music Club

Bondi Cigars with Support Miss Lou's Blues 18/02 2pm

Meat Market

Guiding Wyrm Core Signals 18/02 10pm

Jazz Clubs

Paris Cat

Peter Gaudion's Blues Express 16/02 6.30pm

All l ask: Elly Poletti sings Adele 16/02 /17/02 9pm & 6pm

Soul Chic presents The Eva Cassidy Experience 16/02 9.30pm

Tamara Kuldin's Gents of Jazz 17/02 9.30pm

Joyful Summer Jazz with ade ishs & eMotion Band 18/02 6pm

Vanessa Lezama presents "Latin Fusion" 18/02 6.30pm

Chris Johnstone Septet presents the music of Miles Davis 22/02 7.30pm

Emerson presents Soul and RnB Classics Remixed IV 22/02 8pm

Uptown Jazz

The James Sherlock Trio 17/02 8pm

The Drunken Poet

The Backyard Banjo Club 16/02 8.30pm

The Galway Rovers 17/02 3pm

Boogie Brothers 17/02 9pm

Yolanda Ingley II 18/02 4pm

Paddy Murphy 18/02 6.30pm

Bob Hutchinson plays the songs of Damien Rice 20/02 8pm

Brittle Sun 21/02 8pm


Drum Theatre

Bunjil Place

Comedy Bites: Summer Stage Edition 16/02 6.30pm

Guuranda Jacob Boeme ( Rehearsal ) 22/02 11am

Littlefoot & Company's Spoken Word Night 22/02-12/12

Regent Theatre


The Butterfly Effect 17/02-18/02

Forty Five Downstairs

The Whisper by Brodie Murray 15-25/02

Joe Whyte In Waking Hours 12/02-09/03

The Butterfly Club

The Big HOO-HAA 16/02 8.30pm

Caberet Unscripted 16/02 5.30pm

Drawing Straws 20/02  7.30pm

Glee Club 22/02 5.30pm

Her Majesty's Theatre

Grease The Musical 25/01/16/03

Athenaeum Theatre

The Rocky Horror Show 09/02-23/03

Princess Theatre

Groundhog Day the Musical 24/01-07/04

The Round

Michael Cormick Sings Bacharach 21/02 11am

Theatre Companies

Beaumaris Theatre Company

Phoenix Theatre Company

Mordialloc Theatre Company

Heidelberg Theatre Company

Rumors A Farce 16/02-02/03

Malvern Theatre Company

The Lifespan of a Fact 16/02-02/03

Essendon Theatre Company

Williamstown Musical Theatre Company

Altona City Theatre


The Johnston Collection

Heide Gallery

Surrealist Lee Miller 04/11-14/04

The Dax Centre

Hellenic Museum

Viewfinder until 24/03

Gallery Smith

Mornington Peninsula Gallery

Know my Name : Australian Women Artists 25/11/23-18/02/24


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