Wednesday 17 January 2024

Books on Wednesday

 I had never read a Harlan Coben book before.

This is a library book. As some of you may know l don't really like owning books. They seem to multiply and then they have to be packed or whatever. If l ever do buy a book l make sure to pass it on when read. I like the idea of a book going from hand to hand. 

The first thing to say is that l think this is a very readable book. I know he is a very popular author and that shows in his writing. Having said that l don't think the book really took off before the 7th chapter. This is a book about the past. I especially like these types of mysteries and once l made the decision to sit and read l finished it in an afternoon.

The lead character is deeply unlikeable and that would normally put me off. It did in a way. He is very rich and the life he leads is not relatable to me. Despite this l still liked the story and the style of writing. I liked the way the story came together and it was told well.

I know that a few of Coben's books have been filmed and shown on Netflix. To be honest this is how l became aware of this author. I had heard of his name but never actually read any of his books.; that may change.

This book is about a crime in the past, family secrets and the uber rich. Did Coben flesh the characters out well, l'm not sure as they are so far removed from me and my lifestyle. Despite this l think that the novel is plotted out well and works despite these issues.

Isn't it a good book if you want to keep reading and l wanted to keep reading this book.

What about you. Have any of you read a Harlan Coben book and , if so, what did you think.


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