Monday 15 January 2024

Circus 1903

Firstly can l say that l have never been to a show with that many children in the audience. 

What a boon their energy was. All the oohs and ahs and excited giggles, including from the adults, myself included. There was a little curly haired tot sitting on my left and l could see her rapt attention at everything that was happening on stage.

Ringmaster Willy Whipsnade ( David Williamson) invited children on stage and there is a very old saying never to work with children or animals. Williamson was so good with them and it all added to some laugh out loud moments and joy.

I have included a cast list and you can see that the performers came from all around the world, each one of them so talented at their particular craft. It began with Swedish Teeterboarders and then followed with cyclists, contortionists, strong men, jugglers, trapeze acts and more.

And then Queenie appeared on stage followed by Peanut.

The puppetry was wonderful and this vegetarian is so glad that live elephants are no longer used. They were so life like and all the kids of all ages yelled with joy again. If any of you are on Facebook there is a short video on the Arts Centre page showing Ringmaster Willy going to Flinders Street Station, touching on his Myki( Melbourne's public transport travel card) and he and Peanut entering into the station.

I think this is one of the best shows l have seen recently. If this comes to where you live l would highly recommend you see it.

Will definitely be going if they return next year with Circus 1904.


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