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Books on Friday - Asta's Book

This is my favourite book. What do you think, what is your favourite book?

Catch me if you can

The doors opened and in they came, and kept on coming. 

A full house, happy and cheerful crowd.

Welcome to a PLOS show.

This musical, l am told, is based on a film which was based on a book. I had not read the book or seen the film so it was all new to me.

The story is based in the 1960's and l think the set was designed to look like a 60's variety show. The orchestra was on 2 levels and it's a real treat to have a live orchestra playing.

What a triumph for PLOS. The constant high standard of their shows means l will see everything they stage. A real stand out is the singing.  Everyone sang so well and this happens with every show. There was a lot of dancing and costume changes. Everyone played their part well with all of them having American accents.

The best performance was by Aidan Niarros as Carl Hanratty. He is a Primary School Teacher by day, but what a performance. Jordan Poyser as Frank Abagnale Jr was very good too as was Peter Noble Frank Snr. Emillie Toby as Brenda Strong did one song that garnered thunderous appaulse.

In fact the whole show received thunderous applause at the end. I really could not find fault with the production at all.

Having said that l didn't really like the story. I'm glad l've seen it but don't think l will again.

Can't wait to see their next production.



  1. I agree that it was wonderful , I had seen the film recently and it was good already knowing the story. The 2 leads were great and connected to the audience.

    1. Thanks Jill. I agree. If you look at my YouTube channel l've posted a short history of PLOS.


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