Wednesday 17 January 2024

An extra post today - Bobbi Lockyer

 I went to the Aust Open tennis on Monday. 

Along with the great tennis l saw l also the artist in residence, Bobbi Lockyer. Bobbi is a Ngarluma, Kariyarra, Nyulnyul and Yawuru woman based in Port Hedland. Port Hedland is in Northern West Australia which means she wasn't melting in the heat like the rest of us.

Me being me l kindly asked Bobbi if l could take her photo and ask about her artwork. Here she is working on a piece that will be used on all the staircases and shirts at next year's tournament.

I like Aboriginal artwork. It must take so much patience and skill. If you look at Bobbi's website you will see how skilled an artist she is and l can't wait to see this artwork next year.

Thank you Bobbi for taking the time to speak to me.

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