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Books on Friday - Asta's Book

This is my favourite book. What do you think, what is your favourite book?

B# Big Band


Last Thursday l went to the Drum Theatre to see this band.

Wow, what a treat.

Can you see the way the stage is set up.  Drums, piano, up right bass brass and wood instruments. 

From the first beat of the drum until the last this band was fantastic. I love swing music and l love swing dancing. In fact, so much of this music is meant for dancing. And did l mention how much l love the trumpet and the trombone and the clarinet.

It really was a treat. 

If you would like to see this band, with the same singer, they are playing at Birds Basement on January 20 2024. It it well worth the ticket.

I saw them last year at the same venue and hopefully will see them next year too.


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