Wednesday 11 October 2023

The Running Grave - Robert Galbraith


Is this the best book yet in this series?

I think it is.

The seventh book begins with correspondence from a father trying to reach his son who he believes is in a cult. The father has tried everything, including another private detective, before going to the Strike & Ellacott agency.

This is not a short book, coming in at 944 words with not a single one wasted. The writing is so good. Robert Galbraith is the pen name for J.K Rowling and l have to say l really like her writing. It's a good plot that is paced well through the novel. The characters are believable and the author fleshes out their lives well. Strike & Robin's relationship continues to grow without being contrived or forced. We also learn more about the peripheral characters including Pat the office manager.

The book has been called the cult book, and it is about a cult and more. The author handles the topic of cults well without sensationalising it. There is no forced action. It all seems to flow into a book l couldn't put down. 2 late nights were needed to finish it and l didn't mind at all.

I hope the author continues to write this series as each book stands on its own with each one getting better.  

Did l like it? You bet l did

5 out 5 stars

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