Friday 13 October 2023

The Round


It's been a long wait. The old, tired, and much loved Whitehorse Centre is long gone. It may have been showing its age but l remember seeing some wonderful musical theatre there.

Now we have The Round. Opening night is today and l wish it all the best. Having another suburban Arts Centre adds to a city and is a boon for those situated around Nunawading.

Look at what is listed just for the remaining month of October and there are many good shows listed for the coming months too.

Welcome The Round and break a leg.

                                    THE ROUND

Grand Opening Night

13th October 7.30pm

Hidden Creative Gallery Hunt - Arena Theatre Co

15th October 10-4pm

Sea of Light - Patch Theatre

15th October 10-4pm

Cinderella - Nova 

20-29 October

Vincent Hooper

20th October 8pm

The History of Hip Hop - Whitehorse Primary School

24th October 6pm

Anh Do - The Happiest Refugee Live

26th October 7.30pm

Alice in Wonderland - APPS Whole School Production 2023

31st October 12 & 7pm

1st November 7pm

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