Monday 2 October 2023

It started with a happy bus driver....


It started with a happy bus driver singing along to the radio. Then followed a fruitless search to find a theatre. Just between you and me l am useless at reading maps and have a lousy sense of direction.

So then l gave up and walked towards the library to see the 2 authors in conversation.

Phillipa Kaye and Jodi Gibson are in the photo below. 

What an interesting talk. Both authors have books out currently. Phillipa Kaye's book is Girl Detectives Just Wanna Have Fun: A Birdie Mealing Mystery. Phillipa is standing on the left. Jodi Gibson's book is called Reinventing Emily Brown. Jodi is standing on the right.

They asked each other questions about their books and took questions from the audience. They went through the process of writing, editing and publishing. I think it's always interesting to hear the creative process that goes into writing a book.

I haven't read either book but l am tempted by the mystery book. Jodi Gibson, in her own words, writes female feel good literature which doesn't interest me so much.

There were some other writers in the audience and it was an engaging talk for all of us. And, for all you budding authors out there every Thursday Jodi Gibson hosts the writers squad. For one hour you all write together. The details can be found on her website. Phillipa Kaye can be found through Facebook.

Local libraries can be a great source for entertainment. This event was hosted by the Mornington Library. I have included a photo of what's on for the month of October. As you can see there's quite a lot.

When the talk was over l went outside to walk back to the bus stop. I walked outside into the local Wednesday market. It was busy and there were 2 buskers singing. 

All in all a good day.
Phillipa Kaye - Facebook

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