Wednesday 25 October 2023

From Jelly-Roll to Jump-Jive

Last week l saw The Syncopaters with Yvette Johansson play at The Frankston Arts Centre. As you can see from the flyer the band played jazz from the 1920s.

I have shared videos of music from that era including Paul Whiteman and the great Bix Bederbeke as you know l love music from that time. 

1920s Jazz.

 The stage was set and out they came.

What a treat to hear that music live. The band began in the 1990s so they are older musicians now but they can still bring that sweet music to life. Trumpet, trombone, the sweet sweet clarinet and more. This is a band that knows how to play.

They played 2 shows and both were in front of full crowds. I went to the 1.30pm performance and it was so good. Look at your local suburban Arts Centres, you can see some really good shows.

The Syncopaters are currently touring Victoria. They are worth seeing live.

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