Friday 29 September 2023

Grigoryan Brothers Love Token (Official Music Video) with National Museu...

A few weeks ago l went to see the Grigoryan Brothers play in Dandenong. They were good and their show was based on an invitation they received to view the collection at the National Museum for their 20th anniversary.

It was so clever how they created the music to go with each of the pieces they viewed. It began with Love Token, a small piece that belonged to one of the convicts. " Dear Brother when this you see remember me when l am far away". Leonard explained what that meant to them both as they had not been able to tour together during COVID. This music came together with them being apart in separate states due to the lockdowns in Australia.  These brothers were communicating with each without speaking. 

As l sat there it got me thinking about siblings, siblings performing together.

There can be something special about siblings performing together. Think of the beautiful harmonies of the Gibb brrothers. Think of Angus and Malcolm Young ofACDC. Think of the Beach Boys and those soaring harmonies and then think of all the fighting. One of my family members saw The Beach Boys play years ago. Apparently the music was great but only played in between all the arguing on stage.

Siblings can get on so well. Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart still going strong after all these years. Reid, Kimberly and Neil from The Band Perry. And then there's the flip side. Chris and Rich Robinson of The Black Crowes falling out and who can forget Noel and Liam Gallagher of Oasis with all their fighting.

It seems when it comes to siblings they either love, or loathe, each other.

I'm leaving you with HAIM a group of 3 sisters who seem to have together.

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