Monday 18 September 2023

Goddesses of Jazz

I was in Frankston Arts Centre on Friday to see the show Goddesses of Jazz.

Jennifer Vuletic and Ruth Katerelos joined together to sing the songs of some amazing women. Nina Simone, Judy Garland, Billie Holiday, Dusty Sprinfield, Edith Piaf and the late great Renee Gayer from Australia to name a few.

The show consisted of the 2 singers and John Hart accompanying them on the piano. Some songs were sung together while others were performed by each singer on their own. Both of them also gave some background to each Goddess and it stuck me how sad so many of their lives were.

They left us with wonderful music and after the show l listened to a few of the originals. I could hear the pain in some of those songs. Just like the ACMI Goddess Exhibition the issues female actors faced in films, this show was about the music yes, but, also about the issues female singers have faced over the decades.

A very interesting show that was performed well by the Jennifer and Ruth along with John on piano.

Goddesses of Jazz is touring around Victoria. Check local guides for details.

 This photo was taken inside the theatre. The performance l saw is a part of the daytime events and this shows the Christmas show that's playing in December. I'm not seeing that one but l am seeing 2 more shows from the daytime program. 

I've seen some good shows in several theatres from the daytime program. Look in your own areas and see what's playing. You can find some real gems.

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