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Frankston Street Art

If you are in Melbourne jump on a train and come to Frankston. Free walking tours of the street art.  This was one alleyway, there are more.

Australian Digital Concert Hall

Imagine being able to see and listen to the arts online. 

Australian Digital Concert Hall allows you to do just that across Australia. I'm not sure if people from outside Australia can access them but it might be worth a try.

Orchestral, Chamber Music, Opera and Vocal, Emerging, Baroque, Festivals and the Sydney International Piano Competition. All available on this site. I can be listening to a concert in Brisbane or Perth all from the comfort of my own home. Of course, seeing arts live is always the best but not always possible. I live in Melbourne and would love to see a show at the Sydney Opera House but that means a flight and accommodation along with a few days away from home, and l'm very busy at the moment.

A monthly subscription of $50 can be purchased or buy the shows one by one. There are over 200 live broadcasts available. I'm going to purchase Melbourne Opera Macbeth. It's $34 and available to watch for a week after purchase.

I've seen a few shows and always give a round of applause. I know the artists can't hear me but l hope they can sense me. It really is the best way to see the arts around the country for a very reasonable price.

Perhaps one of my overseas viewers can look at the site and let us all know if you can access it. I hope so.


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