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Books on Friday - Asta's Book

This is my favourite book. What do you think, what is your favourite book?

Six Shooter Records

 Six Shooter Records is an independent record label based in Toronto Canada. It began in 2000 and if you look at their site you will see all the different artists they support.

So how do l know about Six Shooter Records? One band, The Dead South.

This is one of 2 The Dead South Records that l ordered from Six Shooter Records and they shipped them from Toronto Canada to Melbourne Australia. They arrived in one piece and made me rediscover the love of vinyl records again.

I don't have a fancy record player, in fact it's quite plain.

As you can see nothing fancy but what a sound. There is something magical about vinyl that is quite unique and l have found all kinds of vinyl records. Mainly at op shops.

I bought this one today for $3.00.

So thank you Six Shooter Records for reigniting my love of vinyl and for supporting all those artists.


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