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Books on Friday - Asta's Book

This is my favourite book. What do you think, what is your favourite book?

McClelland Gallery and Zoe Kellin


What a good day. Yesterday l toured McClelland Gallery with friends and even had a good lunch. 

These photos were taken in the outdoor gallery. Very interesting. I spent the time wondering how the ideas came to the sculptors and creators of these pieces.

David Wilson - Around the Mirror

John Kelly - Alien

Untitled but we think it is Joan Sutherland

So many different pieces and materials used. Pieces large and small. This is just a few of the 96 sculptures that are spread throughout the park. McClelland Gallery is a not for profit organisation that is opened Wednesday to Saturday with music every 3 weeks. All set in natural bushland.

A good day was made better by talking to a local artist and illustrator, Zoe Kellin. I am not sharing any pictures of her work as l did not ask for permission to do so, but l really do suggest you check her work on Facebook and Instagram. Striking designs and so much vibrant colour.

zoe kellin creations - facebook and instagram


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