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Frankston Street Art

If you are in Melbourne jump on a train and come to Frankston. Free walking tours of the street art.  This was one alleyway, there are more.

Bel Canto Choir Mt Eliza

Bel Canto means beautiful singing.

On Sunday l heard beautiful singing. An all female Bel Canto Choir. 

This was the first time l heard a choir sing live and what a treat. Hearing all those voices singing in harmony. filling the air with waves of beautiful sounds. The voices ranged but blended as one. It really was good.

The choir was supported by accompanists, the flute and percussionists. The special guest was Lachlan Redd The conductor, and artistic director is Margaret Brown. All in all a good afternoon.

Bel Canto Mt Eliza stage 3 concerts a year and their next performance will be at Christmas. I will leave their website details below



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