Monday 14 August 2023

Australian Chamber Orchestra


Over the weekend l went and saw the Australian Chamber Orchestra perform Dvorak's Serenade.

What a treat. It was such interesting music.There is something about a violin when it is played well. It almost sings. This is an orchestra of string instruments and they all sang. 

I have been told before that classical music is followed mainly by older people. Well, the large appreciative crowd over the weekend was a mixture of all ages.

I took this photo before the performance started and l suggest you look carefully. The stage was almost empty. No chairs. This is an orchestra that performs while standing. The violins face the violas and cellos. I've never seen an orchestra perform like that before. It certainly was an interesting way to see the two sides play together and off each other all the while the bows were flying into the air.

The Australian Chamber Orchestra are touring Australia. Check their website for all the details.

I will definitely be at another ACO performance next year.

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