Monday 7 August 2023

Amir Farid - Solo Recital Mornington


It begins with a piano and stool on stage. Amir Farid walks onstage and places his hands on the keys. Nothing else, no need for anything else.

He begins with Schubert Moment Musicaux No 2 in Ab, D,780.  This is followed by Kerry Piano Sonata No 2 (2021) and finishes with Schumann Carnaval Op 9.

I don't know a lot about classical music. I don't really know what all the letters and numbers mean, but l can recognise the wonderful talent playing for me and the appreciative crowd. The 3 pieces differ but in all of them Amir Farid's playing brings the music to life. His technique and feel for the music is so good. 

He is a world renowned pianist who is now based in New York and l am so thankful that he was willing to come out into the suburbs and perform for us.

Thank you Amir Farid and thank you Peninsula Music Society Inc for staging this performance.

Amir Farid is playing at the Paris Cat on 10/08/23.

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