Monday 31 July 2023

Strictly Ballroom


Another triumph, another full theatre and another standing ovation.

If there is one piece of advice l could impart to you all it is this; if you have a chance to see a PLOS show see it.

What a performance. This is musical theatre at its best. The standard of singing is so high that this show could be staged on any of the big theatres in Melbourne and this is the same with every PLOS show. Mitchell Smith and Guada Banez play the lead roles with aplomb and work well together. Lauren Edwards shines as Shirley Hastings, Bryn J Clapp is wonderfully bombastic as Barry Fife and Joel Richardson is so good as the perennial drunk.

Everything works well with this production. All the cast dance and sing with confidence and skill. The ballroom frocks sparkle and the lighting really adds to the show. It ended with people dancing in the aisles. Did l love this show? Yes l did.

This musical is based on the Australian film and this is an Australian show. The characters, the language, it all means Australia and there's nothing wrong with that.

Strictly Ballroom is performing at the Frankston Arts Centre until August 5th.

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