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Books on Friday - Asta's Book

This is my favourite book. What do you think, what is your favourite book?

Time Rone Exhibition


Flinders Street Station is an icon in Melbourne. Generations of people, including me, have arranged to meet under the Flinders Street Clocks.

All those times l never gave thought to what lay on the floors above. Not until today.

Time Rone is an exhibition of a time gone past. Type writer pools and phone exchanges.

Everywhere you look there is dust and decay but for all that the beauty in the bones of this building shine through.

We walked the long corridor going from room to room before ending at the faded ballroom

If this building is ever restored it will be a stunner. 

Rone is an internationally recognised artist based here in Melbourne. He specialises in beauty and decay. This exhibition brings that faded past to life so well.

The exhibition is running until April 23 but is sold out.

What a treat to see it.


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