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Debussy plays Debussy | Clair de Lune (1913)

As some of you may know l am learning the piano. The student who's lesson is before mine is 10 years old, and, l was told this week that this sweet little girl started piano lessons at age 4. I'm quite a bit older than that. I wish l had started earlier but it's never too late and l love my lessons. This is the piece l want to be able to play. Debussy was a wonderful composer and Clair de Lune is such  beautiful, almost ethereal music. This rendition is by Debussy himself. What a treat.

Janet Evanovich


Have you ever got addicted to an author or a series of books?

I've read all the J.D Robb books and now l'm addicted to the Stephanie plum novels by Janet Evanovich, There's crime and laugh out loud moments.

What about you. Who are you addicted to??


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