Monday 25 May 2020

Twitch TV

Before the covid19 lockdown l had never heard of Twitch TV. I went looking for Michaela Burger and ended up finding so much more. 

Twitch TV has a little bit of everything.  There's games, tv shows, chat shows and many musical artists. I found Michaela Burger's site and now follow her. While there l looked at other sites and was surprised to find all sort of things. Take a look at ' Be happy with Eigth Radio'. Google it and you will find a man playing a red piano accordion. 

Do l like the piano accordion? In small doses, but, it got me thinking. Apps like this let people showcase their talent to the world. There are so many talented artists who we never hear from. Not everyone becomes a household name. The piano accordion player may be well known in his own country, and if anyone can tell me what language he's speaking please let me know, but something like Twitch TV allows him to reach a world wide audience.

You can follow artists and support them through donations. In Australia the arts sector is not getting any work and no government assistance. It may be the same where you are. It's a way to show our support.

It's free to join and you may find a piano accordion player to follow. I'll stick to Sequin Sessions.

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