A man walked into a bar....

and started to play the piano.

Terry Miles is a boogie woogie piano player. I found his videos on youtube and what a find.


Look at the people who are drawn by his playing. There is no audio manipulation or air brushing of Terry to make him look perfect. Instead, there is a very talented musician coming in off the street to sit down and play ( not that he sat down ). I challenge you to watch him play and not have your foot tapping by the end. It's that sort of music.

There are so many talented artists in our cities and towns who are not world famous, but, deserve to be. I'm a great supporter of Community Theatre. I love a big splashy production like everyone else, but, l also know that the quality of our suburban artists can be just as good as any large production.

True talent doesn't need 'fixing'. It shines through like the man who walked into a bar.


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