Friday 10 April 2020

A life in the arts

We are all at home self isolating. For someone like me who loves the arts it's a bitter pill knowing that everything is closed.

No live shows for the foreseeable future. I love musicals, theatre, ballet, recitals, art exhibitions, books and, now, cabaret.

Last night l saw a show by Michaela Burger streamed live from the Geelong Arts Centre. She's coming to The Drum Theatre in Dandenong later in the year and boy, do l hope the arts centres are open again.

What a voice, singing live and playing a mean ukulele. Storytelling and even an Edith Piaf song.  A great show to start dipping my toe into cabaret.

I may miss the buzz of being in a crowd, but, this is as good as it can be. Thanks so much to all those performers putting their shows online.

As that famous line says, " the show must go on ".

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