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Tim Minchin Sydney Opera House 50th Anniversary film, ‘Play it Safe’ | A...

Tim Minchin is a world renowned performer. He can do it all; comedy, drama, writer, actor, musician, songwriter etc. 

He is a very talented man.

I think most of you will know of the Sydney Opera House. That famous building with what looks like pieces of an orange was opened by Queen Elizabeth II in October 1973.
That makes it 50 years old this year.

One day l will fly up to Sydney for a weekend and see a show there. That day may be sooner than l want with the State Theatre closing from mid next year for renovations . This is impacting the opera and the ballet. Some performances are in The Regent Theatre and the Opera is doing one performance in Geeling (which is a boon for that city).In the meantime l, and all of you, can enjoy Time Minchin's ode to the wonderful Sydney Opera House.


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