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Frankston Street Art

If you are in Melbourne jump on a train and come to Frankston. Free walking tours of the street art.  This was one alleyway, there are more.

The Cello Song - (Bach is back with 7 more cellos) - The Piano Guys

My absolute favourite musical instrument is the clarinet. 

That sweet, sweet music is wonderful. Crystal clear sweet notes float in the air and make me feel happy. If there is one instrument l wish l could play, and l have tried, it's the clarinet.

Running a close second is the cello. I love the cello and have shared a few videos of Danse Macabre and Hauser playing this wonderful instrument. The music raps around your body and into your soul.

When l think of the clarinet l think of sweet music. When l think of the cello l think of sensual, haunting music. 



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