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Frankston Street Art

If you are in Melbourne jump on a train and come to Frankston. Free walking tours of the street art.  This was one alleyway, there are more.

I call myself a patron

I call myself a patron of the arts because l do not have one artistic bone in my body. I can't sing in tune, have two left feet, can't play a musical instrument, can't draw or paint; but l can recognise it in others.
Many times l see a show and wish l could do what they are doing but l can't. So l support and promote those that can.
That's why l call myself a patron.
Sometimes l come across little gems like Glen Cullinanan on YouTube. I don't know where this was filmed but he is sitting with an acoustic guitar and singing. As simple as that. A man and his guitar.
Check him out on YouTube.

YouTube Glen Cullinanan


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