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B# Big Swing Band

The future of the arts??

The Australian Chamber Orchestra has asked if we, the public, would pay to see them in a new live production online. I answered yes, l would be willing to pay.

This is something l have been thinking about. The arts are decimated all around the globe. Is going online with new productions the answer? Before Covid 19 l paid to see shows and see no difference to now be asked to pay for new productions online.

Nothing will replace that sound, that buzz of anticipation before the doors open; nor would it be the same for the performers ( no applause, no standing ovations), but, can anyone say at this moment they would happily mill about and then sit in a crowded theatre. I wouldn't.

I am desperately missing musical theatre. Love, love, love musical theatre big and small. If any theatre companies are thinking about this please let me know. I will happily pay and sing along in the privacy of my room. 

They won't hear my applause, but, it may be a solution.


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